Saturday, July 5

Uh Ken's Underwear?

They have got to be kidding with these briefs!

Granted the model is sexy.. leave the hair and put a little more fat on him with more gut, then wrap him up and I'll take him. :)

I don't think the average man could pull these off in the cock department. Way way to small and not enough room. Not that I am concerned with the front, I'm all about the back lately. So one might say these are good for a bottom. Of course probably not for a big dicked bottom. Damn you'd get hard and flop the fuck out. Maybe that's the whole point.

I would put this up there with Date underwear. Something you don't plan on wearing for a good length of time. I'd be begging someone to pull these fuckers off after a night so my junk could be free and breathe!


-Avelino said...

I agree. Give me good old-fashion boxers or boxer-briefs.

In addition, I would think that you would get a wedgie with those...


Moby said...

I'm with you. Not the least bit attractive. If anything, it makes him look like he is wearing panties.