Tuesday, June 3

Colored Pencils

Yes I am still around :) 

So I thought I would try my hand at colored pencils.   It's going okay, considering my lack of available colors I have on hand.  I have discovered there is a portrait colored set of Prisma Color colored pencils out there. Which would be awesome, considering my struggle with the set I have now.   Anyway!

I'm mostly a graphite pencil drawing kind of person.  This whole colored pencil approach takes some getting use too.  So the below portrait is just practice for now as my first colored pencil drawing.  I'll need to get use to the blending process, since my sister has now insisted I do her portrait next.

Oh and whether it is graphite or colored pencils, I still hate doing hair!  Just soooo much of it..

This is about 5 hours worth of work so far, various days of when I am in the mood..Wish I had much earlier pictures of the process..but here is a few progressive pictures.  Sorry for the quality of photos, just quick reference shots.

The days that I come back to it, there is always more tweaking here and there, seeing things that need touched up.  A work in progress.

Friday, July 13

Fuck Yeah!

That's the response I got from Bubba, when I finished with my shower and came around the corner and asked.. "so what do you think of these?" I didn't even have a chance to finish my sentence....before he blurted - FUCK YEAH!!
He's sweet to me.

Wednesday, May 30

My Bad

Okay so I haven't exactly been blogging much lately. I will say this, I have ordered new underwear! LOL So there might be an upcoming post of new underwear pictures.. All and all, life has been good and only getting better! My nights out playing pool, a few evenings of playing cards with the guys. My love life :P My BIG BOO! Most of that I keep to myself. What can I say I am the happiest I've been in 10 yrs or more. :) Can't get this smile off my face.

Saturday, March 24


Favorite moment of last week.

Bubba all propped up in bed with pillows, lookin' big, beefy and happy. I straddle his lap and spoon fed him a whole pint of Häagen Dazs Butter Pecan Ice Cream. (His favorite) The look of content and eagerness on his face with every bite (priceless) So Frickin' Cute! The other reward? Feedin' Bubba makes him horny :P

Sunday, January 1

Still here

I'm still here..Just busy busy. Oops guess that goes against my blog title.

So what have I been up to lately?

I am still with Bubba. 15th of Nov. will mark 1 Yr and 2 months. Was just this past Friday he said I love you for the first time. I was so relieved, I had been wanting to say it myself for awhile. Eventually told myself I wasn't going to say it until he did or unless I accidentally, well more like naturally just blurted it out one day. Feels great to get that kind of confirmation on someones feelings and where we are at thus far.

Just here recently I received my T-shirt from LT-Shirt Company. I managed to take a few pictures before batteries went dead on camera and also they went dead before I had a good chance to figure out how to place the camera so ALL of me was included. I have yet to take any more.

The reason behind picking this shirt was because, "Woof!" is what I say to Bubba all the time. He's always like "RAWR!" and flexing his arms at me and I reply back with "Woof!". So it's fun and cute :) Thank you Tony. (The Third Leg)

Another thing I have been busy with is designing a website for an Actor a friend of mine introduced me too. He was needing a website and my friend thought I was a good choice. Granted I have a bit of knowledge doing that but have never done it for anyone but myself.

His name is Brad Potts, some of you might know him from the latest Dish Network/Blockbuster commercial. He comes in at the END in the GIANT cowboy hat.

He is also the Sargent in most of the Advert commercials for Skysport Rugby World Cup 2011.

Also he was in the movie "Water for Elephants" played the strongman in the Circus.

I have almost completed his website, he is a busy guy so working around his schedule when he is free to be able to get the stuff I need for content to finish it. As of Saturday I have the rest of the stuff I need to go ahead and finish it, so that project will be done soon.

Another thing that is coming up in the next couple of days is THE BIG DENTAL appointment. This has been years in waiting, finally going to be done. I will have
a new bridge for my front teeth. I am anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time for a new smile. Of course the first bridge is just a temporary, won't be until March I will get the permanent one put in.

Tuesday, October 11

The Falling Leaves

I was chatting with Bubba a couple weeks back, we chat on yahoo when we are apart.

He was being quiet. I asked him what he was reading or watching. I always suspect he is either reading news articles, watching aviation videos or studying when he is quiet.

He shared this with me, something I have not heard before. I told him, "You just showed me a side of you I hadn't seen before, Thank you. Now I really miss you".

We say that a lot when it has been awhile since seeing each other. Either it be via text or yahoo. It's always, I Miss you...Missing you....Can't wait to see you...Right after we part it is...Missing you already.

I just saw him yesterday and yes, I miss him already.

Saturday, August 20

Bitch is Crazy

Okay I have never been one to post about politics or religion. Mostly cause I see my blog as a conversation.  Politics and religion are what I myself see as conversation faux pas.

So all I got to say is:

Is this BITCH FOR REAL? I'm sorry but "IF" I was on this woman's team, I would be yanking her silly ass off the train! Bitch you are making us look bad!!



BACHMANN: Gay Families Are Not "Families"

Okay so those were just a few links of interest.  I thought Palin was an idiot. This lady takes the cake.  Sad thing is, other idiots out there that will vote for this woman.  That is a scary thought.

This train wreck is funny to watch though :)  In words of Kathy Griffin: Gurrl Down!

Saturday, August 13

Culinary Boner

 Been awhile since I posted anything new.  I've been kind of caught up in playing pool and working my "Culinary Boner".

So as of lately, I have rediscovered my inner "Foodie".  I've have always known I enjoyed cooking.  Actually, I started out baking.  I was around 16 and living with my mother and step father.  I had already mastered the pool table that we owned and got bored at night.  So I picked up baking.  I don't do so much baking these days.  I never was much of a sweet eater.  I will still make the occasional pie, cake or batch of cookies.

I enjoy the cooking, but what really is exciting for me is cooking for someone else.  I LOVE a man with an appetite and LOVE that Bubba has one.   In all my relationships I've never really been with anyone that enjoyed food.  In my last relationship I'm not even sure I got to show off my cooking ability to its full extent.

Since I've been with Bubba, (going on 9 months now) he wants me to cook for him.  How exciting and sexy. Let me tell you, Muscle Daddy LOVES to eat!  Not only that, he thoroughly loves it if I feed it to him and/or rub his belly while he eats.  I highly enjoy seeing him content and happy with food that I have cooked.  I'm just getting started in this process so what I have cooked for him so far has been limited.  He has a healthy appetite, ( Big Boy needs to EAT!) plus it turns him on to have a full belly.  Honestly, it gets my libido going to see how much he loves it.   I get the reward of seeing him totally enjoy the food and that he wants to pounce on me right there bent over the kitchen table. LOL

I have fed him a few times, it is definitely erotic for me.  So far to date, the glazed donuts have got to  be my favorite. LOL  I brought him donuts one morning, feeding him glazed donuts in bed and then having him lick and suck the glaze off my fingers...BOING! - BONER!  I'm most certain there are going to be more favorites to come.

Being with him on this level has awakened this part of me that has laid dormant for quite awhile.  We are so in tune with each other on so many levels.  I find it very bonding, sexy, playful and exciting.

The cooking, eating and feeding is just one aspect of it all.  There is still the contrast in body size, which physically and erotically is off the charts. We're talking about 230 lbs. of meat hovering, grunting and growling over 110 pounds, wanting to sexually eat it!  Then there is the whole dynamic of personality and our treatment towards one another.  Not sure I can cover all the words to describe that!

Belly rubs Bubba  ;)

Tuesday, May 3

Sunday Pool

So pretty much EVERY Sunday night I am out attending a Pool Tournament. Well apparently, there was Paparazzi this time, taking photos for Facebook.

I knew I should have worn my contacts on Sunday!

As you can see the only time I wasn't holding my phone was when I was holding a pool cue. Oh wait, that one picture...Never mind I'm probably still holding it just can't see it. FRIENDS were trying to take my phone away that night...Back OFF! I'm texting Bubba! :P